The Hungry Hiboux price list


Cake 8”

- Chocolate sponge with peanut and chocolate ganache with chocolate frosting:£30.50

- Carrot cake with orange frosting GF: £32.50

- Pistachio sponge with date puree and orange blossom frosting:33.00

- Coffee and walnut cake with coffee frosting:£32.50

- Lemon and poppy seed with lemon frosting and fruit:£30.50


Loaf cake

- Carrot cake with roasted pecan and walnut GF:£20

- Lemon and poppy seed loaf cake with lemon frosting £18

- Fruit and rum cake:£20

- Marble cake covered with ganache and nuts crumble:£20

- Apple and cinnamon cake:£18

- Pistachio sponge with date puree and orange blossom icing:£20


- Cherry pie with roasted pistachio ( GF option):£18

- Lemon meringue tart:£20

- Blueberry ,crumble tart and almond flaked:£18

- Bakewell tart:£18

- Maldon mud pie (silky chocolate tart with chocolate crumble):£20

- Peanut butter dark chocolate ganache with caramelised banana:£18

Afternoon tea size cake

- Carrot cake with orange frosting and roasted walnut GF:£2

- Brownie with chocolate frosting GF:£2

- Fig and almond Financier:£2

- Apple and cinnamon Financier:£2

- Lemon poppy seed with lemon icing:£2

- Peanut butter dark chocolate  tart with caramelised banana:£2

- Lemon meringue tart:£2

- Coffee and walnut cake:£2

- Maldon mud pie(Silky dark chocolate and choc crumble):£2

- Marble cake (covered with ganache and nutty crumble):£2

- Fruit and rum cake:£2

- Plain scone: £o.95

- Plain scone: £0.95


- Chocolate chip and pecan ( box of 10):£9.50

- Peanut butter and chocolate chip (box of 10):£9.50

- Raisin and hazelnut ( box of 10):£9.50


- Orange blossom brioche (loaf):£4.50

- Chocolate chip brioche(loaf):£5.50

Chocolate, Sweet etc..

- The golden Hiboux (dark chocolate shell, peanut butter ganache, maldon sea salt caramel and nutty crumble)GF:£3.50

- Bag of Meringue:£2.50

- Almond and peanut brittle:£3.50

- Bag of granola:£3.50

Energy ball

- Figs, orange, sesame seed

- Figs, hazelnut and Praligrain

- Prune almond and cocoa

- Raisin and peanut

4 for £5

8 for £9


- Spicy vegetable pasty:£2.50

- Mushroom and onion soysage roll:£2.50

- Onion, mushroom and smoked tofu quiche:£2.50

- Roasted Butternut squash and sage quiche:£2.50

- Leeks and mushrooms quiche:£2.50

- Sun Dried tomatoes and herbs quiche:£2.50

Free delivery for an order over £50 otherwise a £5 fee will be applied if you are outside Maldon.

Possibility to collect your order.