Christmas Menu 2019

(Start the 20th of November)

Christmas pudding 4.5": £5.50

 (in pre order until the 10 of december and to be collected on the 22nd of december)

Boozy chocolate cake 8": £30

Fruit and rum loaf cake: £20

Mini fruit and rum cake: £2


Mince pie : £2.50

Mini mince pie (X10): £13

Bag of decorated gingerbread biscuit: £2.50

Giant  gingerbread snowflakes : £4.50


  Bag of mixed meringues: £2.50

Ginger Almond brittle: £3.50

Christmas granola: £3.50


Chocolate bars with roasted pistachio/dry raspberry (X5): £7.50

Chocolate bars with  roasted Hazelnuts (X5): £7.50

Box of marzipan truffle (X6): £4.50

 Box of Mendiant (X10): £6.50

Chocolate Golden owl: £3.50


Winter pasty: £2.50

Box of Mini winter pasty (X10): £10

Mushroom and chestnut soysage roll: £2.50

Box of Mini Mushroom and chestnut soysage roll (X10): £10

Cranberry and sage soysage roll: £2.50

Box of Mini Cranberry and sage soysage roll (X10): £10

Butternut squash  and Brussels sprout pie :£3.50

Box of Mini Butternut squash and Brussels sprout pie (X10) :£13